40"x30" A-Frame Sidewalk Signs



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About our A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

For best results, save your file as an sRGB JPG at 150ppi.

  • Lightweight & Sturdy Frame for Portability
  • Swap Out Signage on Existing Frame
  • Durable for Outdoor Placement
  • Each Order Includes 2 Signs (One for Each Side)
  • Printed in the USA


Product Details +

These classic A-frame signs offer visibility in two directions, allowing you the opportunity to catch the attention and direct visitors and members no matter where they enter. Sidewalk sign frames are made from sturdy metal to withstand the wear of being moved daily and they collapse/fold for easy storage. The top of each side of the A-frame easily opens up to allow you to swap out your messaging as often as needed. These signs are perfect for directional instructions as well as weekly or seasonal messages that need to be swapped out often.

Production + Shipping Info +

Production Time: 3-5 days + ship time.